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As an instance, let’s look at transport. We – the individuals – have created our transport systems. Not necessarily you or I personally but as a society we’ve done this. The problem is that there are many elements of the program that are not wonderful – many of our streets aren’t cycle or pedestrian friendly, if you reside in a rural location public transport options are limited, the number of automobiles on our roads isn’t good for the environment and so forth. All of these things about the transport program can influence our health.

Rama do your homework on a regional security attorney and get copies of all your medical records. Your age is going to support you. Just gather your records and get a medical doctor who is a specialist to document almost everything. Even your problems with not having the funds to comply with up with treatmens and medications. The bottom line a excellent lawyer understands the system and what questions to ask your doctor. Social safety will have doctors but they just evaluation what your physicians are saying about your case. Good luck.